Tsisqan Vigil Class of 2020

Tsisqan Lodge held a special Vigil induction event at Camp Baker on March 19-20th to complete the ceremony for the six Arrowmen who were selected in 2020 to receive the Vigil Honor. The lodge usually calls out and completes the ceremony for each year’s candidates at their spring induction event in June, however, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to prevent the lodge from holding a Vigil induction event. 

Finally, on a Friday night over one year after their selection, the six candidates and their guides left the parking lot at Camp Baker. It was a long road, but the Tsisqan Lodge is excited to welcome their Vigil Honor class of 2020!

Tsisqan Lodge 2020 Vigil Honor Recipients: 

  • Dustin Graves — Kwan Tyee Tillikum (“Quiet Chief of the People”)
  • Ron Lamie — Kwan Mamook Kloshe (“Silent Healer”)
  • Owen Land-Stockwell — Mamook Cooley Klatawa Saghalie (“Lead Climber”)
  • Tycho LeGrue — Towagh Tahmahnawis (“Bright Spirit”)
  • Luka Schaefers — Skookum Tumtum Mamook Elan (“Courageous Helper”)
  • Marvin ‘Butch’ Shumway — Kah Hiyu Stick Mitlite Wawa (“Nature Talker”)
Left to Right: Luka Schaefers, Dustin Graves, Owen Land-Stockwell, Ron Lamie, Butch Shumway, Tycho LeGrue
(Photo Credit: Matthew Shumway)
Photo Credit: Matthew Shumway
Photo Credit: Chris McCullough