Tsisqan Lodge Update

Tsisqan wishes everyone in the section a happy holidays!

Despite complications due to social distancing measures, our Order is still running strong in Oregon Trail Council. Earlier this year, Tsisqan held its first-ever fully online LEC meeting. As the necessity of well planned virtual meetings rose, so did the need for a fully virtual lodge event. A few months ago in October, Tsisqan Lodge held its annual meeting completely hosted on Zoom, sporting an abundance of virtual activities for new and old members. The most popular among the youth was a lodge Minecraft server specially opened for the day. In addition to our activities in the morning and early afternoon, we had our annual lodge business meeting. At the meeting, we installed our new Lodge Standing Rules with a majority vote from the lodge members in attendance. Our new lodge officers were voted in and installed later in the evening.

Although some minor changes in leadership happened, our new officers kept the fire burning and hosted chapter-led virtual inductions through the use of Momentum: Spark, a National Order of the Arrow event. Shortly after, we jumped into our annual lodge officer retreat and chapter officer training courses.

Looking ahead, our six chapters are gearing up for unit visitations and the lodge leadership is looking toward our Workshop Weekend event in February. All of our chapter and lodge leadership are working hard to continue the amazing program of the Order of the Arrow during these difficult times. We cannot wait to see where our drive takes us into 2021.

Tsisqan Lodge Leadership