2021 Super Bowl Contest

It is time for the third annual Section W-1S Super Bowl Contest & Giveaway! 

Predict the final score for Super Bowl LV and you could win!


The winner of the giveaway will receive a $10 NFL Shop  gift card.

How to Enter

To enter the 2021 Section W-1S Super Bowl Contest, you must complete the following:

  1. Be a registered member of a lodge in Section W-1S (Lo La’Qam Geela, Tsisqan or Wauna La-Mon’tay). 
  2. Submit your prediction for the final score of Super Bowl LV by filling out this form OR on social media by commenting on our official contest posts.

*This contest/giveaway is open to both youth and adult Arrowmen. No purchase is necessary to enter. Only one entry per person. This contest is sponsored by the Section W-1S and is in no way affiliated with the NFL or any of it’s subsidiaries. 

Entry Deadline

All entries must be submitted by kickoff of Super Bowl LV (approx. 3:30 PM PST on February 7th). 

Selection & Announcement of Winner

The entry that most closely predicts the final score, wins. 

In the event of a tie, the tied entries will be entered into a drawing and one will be drawn at random to receive the prize.

Final scores will be calculated by total points (above or below). 


If the final score in the game is Team A (36) – Team B (10)

Entry 1: Team A (24) – Team B (14) [-12, +4 or -8 total]
Entry 2: Team A (22) – Team B (40) [+12, +4 or +16 total]
Entry 3: Team 1 (38) – Team B (14) [+2, +4 or +6 total]

Entry 3 would win.


The winner will be announced on social media and will be contacted via email or message on social media (dependent on entry method) on January 8, 2021.