Dirk Smelser

Section Chief

Lo La'Qam Geela Lodge

Dirk is a Life Scout and Vigil Honor candidate of Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge. Previously, Dirk has served on camp staff, NYLT staff, as the My Chapter Rocks conclave vice chief, lodge vice chief, lodge chief, World Jamboree troop SPL, and section vice chief. Dirk is a Founder’s Award, James E. West, and Lo La’Qam Geela Arrow of Honor recipient. He has attended NYLT and the National Leadership Seminar, under the current and former format. 

In his free time, Dirk enjoys hiking, hanging out with friends, and patch collecting. 

What is a fun fact about yourself?
“I’ve been to Scout camps in 7 states.”

What are your educational goals?
“I am a senior at Eureka High School and plan to attend college at OIT for business management.”

What do you hope to accomplish in your position this year?
“I want to create an atmosphere within the section, where High Performing lodges are the standard, to reverse the membership decline facing our order. “

What is your favorite Scouting memory? 
“OA Trail Crew in 2019 with my section secretary, Ryo.” 

If you could be any Disney princess, which one would you be and why?
“Tinker Bell, because she can fly and she’s super cool.”